栏目:国际应用案例 发布时间:2021-09-08

Application case of Ultrasonic Flow Meter Special forAquaculture


Water quality is usually the limitingfactor in aquaculture and fishery production. Whether it is a large-scalehatchery or a habitat suitable for the introduction of fish and shrimps,pollution and environmental changes must be tracked and detected. It isindispensable to monitor flow and velocity of water quality through specialultrasonic flowmeters for aquaculture. Based on the above reasons, theinternational aquaculture industries have purchases "F3 clip on flow meter"from our company for circulating water treatment for many times.The following is the feedback fromAustralian customers on our F3 ultrasonic flowmeter, which is received by ourcolleagues from the International Department of Gentos.



管径:DN40 DN50


Model: F3
Pipe Material: PVC

Pipe Diameter: DN40 DN50
Liquid: Water


Recirculating aquaculture uses a variety ofwater treatment equipment to obtain good water quality and create an ecologicalenvironment suitable for fish growth, so as to achieve the purpose of highbreeding density and rapid and healthy growth of cultured organisms. Theoperating status of the system is fed back in real-time through the flow andflow velocity monitoring system of each link of the ultrasonic flowmeter. Thesurvival rate of aquaculture can be improved through the changes of thismonitors in drainage, poor water quality and many other factors.